Research: Education and Arise High School Essay

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Roxanna Ambriz
5453 Holland St
Oakland CA 94601

_______________________________Work Expirience________________________________

Casa Che/ Sex Ed Class Oakland, California
Clinica De La Raza February 2009-2010
I took a two month class about having safe sex and learned what the causes and effects where. I was suppose to gain information and teach younger kids about it. This was to help them prevent teenage pregnagcy and have a sex ed class and be aware of the concequences.

Adrian Baby Sitter Oakland, California
Baby Sitter May 2007 August 2012
I helped my mom take care of baby Adrian ever since he was 22 days born. Now his 6 years old, I helped my mom shower him change him when he was younger and now that his a little older and goes to pre-school I help him do his homework when my mom does not understand because the instructions are in english.

_____________________Volunteer Experience________________________

Student Leadership Group Arise High School
School Community Meetings Organizer/Planer August 2008-May 2009
I was a freshmen in Arise high school, Arise is a small charter school of about 250 students in total. During my first year there every Monday and Wednesday we had school meetings in the morning I was part of the Meeting organizers. I had to talk to every teacher to make sure if they had an announcement or news about what was going happen that week.

Adelante Leaders Arise High School
Adelante Leaders In Training October 2011- June 2012
32 students from my high school where chosen to be part of Adelante, which is a program that helps each other and other people students around us. I was one of the chosen ones because I was on top of my school work and still had time for other stuff. Teachers also looked through the struggles we have overcame and could still accomplish. Adelante opened so many doors for me and many other students in the program as well. It thought us not to give up and continue no mater what. It opened our eyes and showed me how many other students go through what I have gone through and that I’m not alone. I got to go on trips like to San Jose and to Los Angeles to