Research Paper On An Unachievable Man

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There is no one else who has made a greater impact in my life than my father because he has shown me that hard work and determination are the keys to success and that if I believe in myself I can achieve greatness. My father has always been there for me ever since I was a child. Through his life style and advice my dad has influenced me not to be lazy, but to be determined and not fazed by a setback.
My dad lost his father at the tender age of 3. His mom bought him up with the little money she made, but the fact that he had 6 siblings made it difficult to get the best things. My dad had to struggle though school and fend for himself. Today he is a very successful accountant and I am very proud of him. This is a success story and has proved to me that nothing is unachievable. My dad taught me to be determined and believe for a better tomorrow. I cannot say that I am as strong as my dad is but I know that his life style has influenced me to always think positive no matter the hardships one faces today because no one knows tomorrow.
As a child learning to ride a bicycle was a very scary experience for me. I was so scared of trying to go on my own. I would not let my dad leave my side. My dad continued helping me build my confidence till I was able to ride it on my own. I have come to realize that ever since I was a child whenever I needed support and love my dad was unfailingly there. He is the single most reliable person I know. He does not judge me for my faults but rather patiently encourages me to build confidence to excel in all that I do.
My dad loves a hardworking person. I can never forget the smile on my dad’s face when I brought the news that I had gotten admission into the most prestigious high school in my country. My dad was so happy he took my family and me to the most exquisite restaurant in town. Entering the restaurant for the first time I was in awe of the decor. The restaurant was dully lit with candles and red drapes. The place smelt of spicy turkey and fresh dough. I was so excited to be there. This experience taught me that there is never an excuse to be lazy and…