Research Paper On Cigarette Sales To Teens

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US warns retailers over cigarette sales to kids

Letter to the Editor:

As an adult, I have become aware of details that have changed my life. Dealing with my own life is not an easy procedure and I could have made decisions and took steps toward the wrong way. Kids are unaware of the danger to their own health. Additionally, parents who smoke or abuse drugs have an influence on their children. Washington D.C., USA (AFP) published, “US warns retailers over cigarette sales to kids” (November 10, 2011),. As reported in the article, “US health authorities have reminded the leading retailers in the United States of their responsibility to follow the law, and of the consequences if they fail to do so.”

A youth health study has reported that “people who start smoking before the age of 21 have the hardest time quitting, and 30% of youth smokers will continue and die early from a smoking-related disease.” In fact, teen smokers are more likely to abuse alcohol and illegal drugs. This warning came to stop retailers who sell cigarettes to children, which is absolutely illegal and considered a disaster to society. Therefore, this warning had to report to the public and reminding everyone to follow the law.

I support the effort that has been made to stop those who manipulate with the abuse of cigarette and sell them to young people. Teenagers are more likely to disregards prohibitions, whether for their own benefit or not. Parents can play an important role by not smoking in