Essay on Research Proposal Part B

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The effect of a nursing intervention on promoting self-care ability in breast cancer patients after breast surgery

Self-care is one of the most important parts in post-operative patients’ further life and health recovery. Specific nursing intervention in the post-operative period is essential in promoting healing and improving patient’s quality of life. The purpose of this research is to analyse the effect of a nurse-directed intervention on post-operative self-care ability in breast cancer patients to find out the relationship between a nurse-directed intervention and self-care agency variables. A three-month quantitative quasi-experimental design will be performed using non-random sample of 60 participants. The intervention
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The questionnaires prepared by the investigator regarding questions on demographic characteristics and The Exercise of Self-care Agency (ESCA) Scale will be used to collect data.
Demographic questionnaire: there will be 7 items in the demographic questionnaire that includes age, occupation, marital status, educational level, economic condition, the knowledge about the disease and post-operative time.
ESCA Scale: The ESCA Scale is used to measure self-care ability level; its