Essay on Respect: Meaning of Life and True Meaning

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The Value of Respect
It is not what we have that demonstrates who we are, but rather how we treat others. Our actions towards other people and how we display ourselves reflects who we are. The message I received from Pat Mora is that our society has been poisoned by material things. If you are not rich and famous, or drive an expensive car, then you will not gain respect from others.
Mora stated, “I know that the society we live in affects us” (3). Society has a great impact on how we live our life because they influence us on the actions we make and how we act. Living in a materialistic society causes individuals to develop a lack of understanding behind the true meaning that there is more to life than beauty, glamour, and acceptance by others. I agree with this, because people in today’s society tend to ignore the true meaning of happiness, and attempt to find that happiness from materialistic things. Money can only do so much to make someone happy in life. How can money buy you happiness? There have been records of many celebrities that have committed suicide or have died from over dosing on anti-depressants. Money does not buy you happiness. The love from others and your family will provide you with happiness that could last a lifetime.
I completely understand what Mora is talking about because I do not have fancy cars or lavish clothes but I work hard and have good values. My parents have worked extremely hard to support our family. I come from a large family which