Difference Between Kindergarten And Going To College

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George Lyman
3 October, 2012
Going to Kindergarten to going to College Waking up early in the morning, deciding what you are going to wear and preparing yourself for the first day of school. Whether you are going into kindergarten or going into college it is nerve racking. There is quite a difference between entering kindergarten then 12 years later entering college. Experience is big because so little to worry about in kindergarten and much is to be thought of in college. The differences that can easily be understood would be responsibilities, maturity, what you do or don’t have to do, and being littler/bigger. Although there are many differences between going to kindergarten and going to college, there are some similarities such as getting an education, nervousness, and one that is not commonly thought of, naps.
In college the responsibilities are much more intense. Having to handle many situations on your own because parents are not there to help out is part of college. For example, say you have homework to do, it is all your decision whether you are going to do it unlike in kindergarten where your parents take you step by step to prepare you and help you understand. In kindergarten there is not much work to be done outside of school anyway; it is more like games and crafts. Which leads on to the maturity difference where as being younger you don’t think much of anything and just do. Being older and having a longer life allows you to analyze how things work, therefore, the maturity level for a college student is and is expected to be higher than a kindergartener.
Believe it or not the similarity of a…