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Roles and Responsibilities are defined as rights, obligation and expected duty to be done within the relationship, life long learning is the learning that between any relationship.

1.The Roles and Responsibilities:
The learner will understand the own role and responsibilities in life long learning.
All learners ,their progress and development, their goals and aspiration and experience they bring to learning.

A Teacher’s role includes the following

Initial assessment
Preparation and Planning
A Teacher’s role will have
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The Teacher and the Management are required to


Not discriminate against disabled people in the exercise of its education functions
Prepare an accessibility strategy.
This is a strategy to increase the extent disable Pupils participate in the curriculum and improve the physical environment of the Schools, to enable disabled Pupils to take advantage of the education and associated services offered by the School.
e)Data Protection Act 1998

Transparency, accountability and data protection are all essential elements for good governance. To achieve this objective, the Government felt the need to enact the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act intended to strengthen the fundamental rights of every individual and also to tackle issues that previously were unregulated. Faced with these new legislations the Public Sector had to go through major changes including educating both its employees and the general public about the rights and obligations arising from these Acts.

Data Protection Act
The Act provides citizens with the right to be informed about their personal information available to the Public Sector and its usage whilst precluding from being revealed to