Roles and Responsibilities of a Sports Coach Essay

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Roles and responsibilities of a sports coach

A Coach is somebody who develops, improves or promotes changes in a persons ability and understanding. Coaches work with another person or a group of people and develops them as people using sport to progress them in their development. All coaches have certain responsibilities towards performers, their sport, their profession and themselves. Below I have identified what a coach may be required to fulfil.

Coaches need to be confident in a wide range of skills in order to be a good coach. Three skills that are common to successful coaches include communication skills, organisation skills and sport-specific skills.

Coaches need to have a a range of good communication skills as they
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A coach is a role model as a coach can be a very influential person, performers need guiding. A coach who behaves in a way that earns and maintains trust and respect can become a positive role model. A coach should maintain a healthy lifestyle as a coach is a role model people look up to and coaches have a huge influence on them. Coaches will inspire them by having a positive attitude. If a coach is a bad role model students may lose trust and think that the coach doesn't know what they are on about. The coach will also need to responsible as a role model this involves having loco-parentis by being a responsible parent and having a duty of care towards the students this means that they must ensure that a persons experiences of sport are positive, long lasting and safe for example a coach should maintain a safe environment for the performers. Coaches need to insure that the influence they have upon the performer is a positive one as they will observe the coaches behaviour and try to copy them, especially young children. Coaches should always carry out good practice as if they were to teach bad practice the student would get very confused and find the task harder in the long run. A football coach should be a role model as a team needs guiding and someone to follow. The coach has a responsibility to guide students and be very influential, once again it is important that this is done in a positive way.

The coach can be an educator as they can teach