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Activity Leader Interview

Greeting & Confirm Details

Working Week: You will work 6 days out of 7, 42 hours a week. Day off will be during the week, every member of the team will work on the weekends.

CRB: In order to asses a candidates suitability to work with minors we will be carrying out spot CRB checks this season, are you ok with that?

Are they happy to continue?

Embassy & Personal Experience

Confirm reading of website and job description

Q1 – Could you tell me what you know about Embassy and what it is we do?

General introduction to Embassy Summer, 16 centres, age range 12 - 18 some centres as young as 8 and old as 30; Students from 120 countries, mostly 2 week period.

Q2 – What experience do you have working with young people? Note: Long hours, responsibility, commitment.

Q3 – What personal qualities could you bring to the role?

Sports Knowledge/Skills

When you arrive at the centre you will be given an induction, during which the AM will assess your skills and match them as best they can to the activities offered. In the centre you will find a notice board with the week’s activity programme, you will see which activity you have been assigned to. The activity programme is split into 3 sessions, morning, afternoon and evening. We offer regular sports on our programme; football, tennis, and cricket, however there are some centres with limited outside facilities so activities are taking off site.

Q4 – What alternative ideas do you have for activities that you could include in the programme?

Scenario 1: You have a large group of students participating in a sports activity some with good English and others with low levels of English. The planned sport is rounder’s.

Q5 – How would you help them understand the rules of the game?

Q6 – During this session you have a number of students who are not interested in participating; how would you motivate them to become involved?

Q7 – Half way through the session its starts to rain, so you have to move the activity inside, the sports hall isn’t available to carry on with rounder’s, what activities could you do?

Embassy policy is that the activities are compulsory not an option, students are not permitted to just sit around and choose nothing to do. We offer an Activity Club where the students are supervised by a member of staff; normal activities offered in the Activity Club are board games, arts and crafts, card games or students can simply just sit and read a book.

Arts & Craft Knowledge/Skills

Q9 – Can you give me any ideas of arts & crafts activities you could do on a low budget?

Theme weeks were introduced in 2010; they encompass the idea of 1 theme that runs the whole week; through teaching and activities. This includes things like themed disco, movie night and excursions, Ideas used last year included Pirates, Harry Potter and Law & Order.

Q10 – What themes can you suggest and how would you incorporate these into the programme?

Social Events Organisation

Evening activities vary from centre to centre but primarily we offer discos and karaoke.

Q11 – What activities could you suggest for the evenings as an alternative?

Scenario 2: The AM has asked you to carry out the Great British Quiz on Thursday evening. It is now Tuesday afternoon.

Q12 – How would you plan and organise the quiz and to make the evening a success?

Some of our centres are small and compact, whereas others can be on large split campuses this makes it difficult for all the students to know about all the activities we have going on.

Q13 – Thinking about the differences in centre size how would create interest and advertise the activities on either one?


The groups will have a 1 full day trip normally on the Saturday and 1 half day trip normally on Wednesday. Full day trips are either to Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury, Brighton or London.

London Specific Centres – all trips in the week are to places in London, where as weekend trips are out of London to