Roll On The Wall Essay

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Roll on the wall
Name: Catharine Lawson Age: 21
Status: Middle class
Relationship to William: Ex-wife’s best friend
Student: metropolitan university

Profile: Catharine is Williams’s ex-wife charlotte’s old best friend who has a crush on William and his money. Her idea was to break charlotte and William up and to establish that she was a better and worth more than her best friend. She had an obsession over William’s money and wanted a piece of everything he owned so her plan of breaking the couple up was her number one priority. Catharine tried every trick in the book, dinner dates to dressing to perfection to get Williams attention. It worked. She had William in her hand and using his money like it was hers. When charlotte found out about William’s affair she wanted a divorce they had 2 children and charlotte was willing to look after the children on her own.
Personality: Catharine is a determined character, she’s up for everything and only does things that suit her plans and go her own way. She never thinks about others although she might show sympathy to others but she doesn’t mean it at all. She’s a very self-centred and selfish character which at the end leads into major issues. She only wants MONEY, not Williams love! Catharine is an immature girl that thinks money could lead to happiness and all her thought change whilst she’s with William.

Catharine’s Monologue: “William = money = happiness! What’s the point of money when

You’re not using it at all? William? Nice guy, even nicer money. See ever thought why rich

Blokes like him never get stable relationships? Because they love them self’s there so vein

and without a thought they think about them self’s. I don’t blame them. I got William under

my arm using him like a credit card