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Brandon Deane
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Rough Draft In many researches and arguments regarding the Affordable Care Act, several people continue to flood the government with complaints and questions as to why things just aren’t working out. Within the past 5 years, big percentages of people throughout the United States have been making many changes regarding health reform and costs. This law was passed back in 2010, by the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Ever since this law was passed, there has been nonstop controversy as to whether the law was going to actually make change or only continue to cause stress throughout the nation. Many believe and support this law, and can only hope that the health insurance costs will be affordable and be given more time to make these payments. On the other side, many people argue that this law will only make their situations much worse and cause more stress. With all the money that is required to enable this law, a large percentage of the nation are convinced that it will kill jobs, raise taxes, and possibly lose the health provider that they are currently with. Apart from those who support and those who argue, people are also just switching health providers. As the government notices all the confusion going on regarding this act. At the end of the day, the question is, “What is the government going to do to fix it?” This new health care policy known as Obamacare covers a large percentage of healthcare costs to the people of the United States. With the economy the way it is right now struggling, Obamacare is set to be much more cost effective with a purpose of promoting this great idea of lowering health costs. Arguing this situation, many people support this act, and many people don’t. In effort to try and solve this problem, health care reform is basically a proposal to change the health policy in the United States, not just for the time being but for the future as well. It’s known as a fact that many reforms have created a solid foundation for better, yet greater insurance coverage to more people, whether it’d be private or public. According to Obamacare, it’s known that 32 million of Americans, who till this day cannot afford to purchase health insurance, would be given immediate access to health services. Like many other health insurance companies that existed before Obamacare came to life such as Medicaid, several gaps and situations were occurring where they could afford the company but not afford to keep up with the monthly costs. Over the years, Obamacare has quickly made improvements to improve health care. The “Affordable Care Act” was signed into effect by our president, Barack Obama in March of 2010, designated to take full effect on January 1st of 2014. You ask yourself, “What is everyone complaining for? “Everyone will be insured.” The answer to that question is there isn’t an answer. That is a fact, even for those who cannot afford health care. As mentioned earlier, health providers such as Medicaid will be expanded, because Obamacare was applied. If situations don’t necessarily work out with Obamacare, Medicaid is also a second option. It’s mainly for those who make a low income and cannot afford medical care for themselves or their families in need. You have to understand that the people of the United States do not care about other families. They only for themselves and their own families, they do not want to spend money, if there not getting the proper care needed.