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Rough Draft
Cancer, everyone has heard of this unstoppable disease. The world is wondering if their will ever be a cure. Cancer continues to affect millions of people every year. Due to three main causes cancer has been increasing over the past one hundred years. Cancer is caused by cells growing rapidly they eventually spread throughout the body and push out the normal cells. These mutated cells then destroy entire body systems. So, how does one get cancer? Well cancer is caused by many internal and external factors. Cancer can be inherited, or you can obtain cancer by smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and even being obese. (American Cancer Fund: Cancer Information-1) Believe it or not being obese can raise your risk of obtaining several types of cancer, such as breast, colon, and kidney. Being overweight raises your risk of cancer due to all the extra weight creating hormone cells called estrogen and insulin. These two hormones cause cancer to grow. Each year about 585,720 Americans die of cancer. Studies show that about one third of these deaths are connected to having a bad diet, not being physically active, and carry too much extra weight. Turns out that losing weight can do more than help you look thinner it helps you lower your risk of cancer too!(American Cancer Society: Diet and Physical Activity: Cancer Connection) Everyone likes to have a drink every now and then, but once drinking becomes an everyday thing it can cause many heal problems as well as cause cancer. So what kind of cancer can heavy alcohol consumption cause? It causes mouth,