Rough Draft Of A Short Story

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Scary Story Rough Draft:

Mike is an 8th grader that lives in Park Ridge, IL. It is a good neighborhood for the most part except for Mr. Joe. Mr. Joe is a mean, ugly person. He has these dark eyes that makes him looks scary, he was tall and had bright bleached hair. His face looked deformed. He had deep cuts on his face and he had a big scar going from his eye to his mouth. He always had a mean look on his face. He was fat too. He never liked Mike or any of his friends, maybe because Mr. Joe never had friends growing up. Everyone always looked at him different, because he was different. Mr. Joe lives alone in his creepy old house. He is tall, ugly, and he is a psychopath. He has been in jail in the past for manslaughter and kidnapping of
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He did all of his things to get ready for school and left. On his way to school he was trying to figure out what was wrong. He felt like someone was watching him. He knew someone was watching him. Everywhere he looked, he saw no one. So he just kept walking to school. He turned onto the block where Mr. Joe lives. Then Mike heard someone running behind him. By the time he turned around, Mr. Joe had already put something over his eyes and dragged him into his house. Mike didn’t know who it was, or what he had covered his eyes with, all he knew was that this is not right. He has been kidnapped. The only person that was going through Mike’s mind was Mr. Joe because of all the strange and weird looks that he had given to Mike in the past. It had to be him, Mike kept telling himself. Then, Mike heard footsteps walking into the room where he was laying on the ground. He heard a voice. It is Mr.Joe! Mike said in his …show more content…
Joe said angrily as he left the dark room.
Mr. Joe wanted to wait to see how much people actually care about Mike until they start searching for him. 3 days, maybe 4 days its been Mike thought as he was sitting in the dark room for 4 days. He was just wishing that someone would find him. Jim and Ethan had been searching for Mike ever since he didn’t show up to school. They would walk from door to door, block to block and ask if anyone has seen their good friend Mike. They finally reached Mr. Joe’s house. They didn’t want to, but their gut feeling was to go ask if he has heard or seen Mike in the past 4 days. Mike heard a knock at the door, I am close to the door if I can hear a knock Mike thought. Mr. Joe opened up the door and had a weird but also scary smile on his face, when Jim and Ethan started talking, Mike heard them so he started screaming “HELP!”. Jim was the first to hear Mike so he ran past Mr. Joe to try and find Mike but his whole house was pitch black so it was almost impossible to find your way around. Ethan also tried to run past but Mr. Joe grabbed him by the arm, Ethan still pushed by him. Jim and Ethan were searching for Mike but also trying to hide from Mr. Joe. They walked into a room where they thought they saw Mike but when it was really Mr. Joe, he had a knife! He lunged out at Ethan and stabbed him in the back. Ethan screamed but soon stopped. Jim thought he’s dead. Jim ran and eventually found Mike and ran