Rough Draft Short Story

Words: 579
Pages: 3

June 10, 2017. Not just a day, but a memory etched into my brain, body, and soul. The bitter taste of raspberry vodka still stained my lips, a queasy feeling settling in my stomach, and a migraine from the night before. I had been brought home by the police just six short hours before. Thoughts began filling my head, fear in my heart. I was a disappointment, I always had to be the center of attention. My parents would never be able to love me after something like this, ever. Let me take you back to the night before, June 9. School was out for the summer and I intended to celebrate. I had given fifty dollars to an older friend to purchase two bottles of vodka and three cans of four lokos. We drank and drank until we blacked out. The next thing …show more content…
I told them what we drank and how much of it. I was taken to the station, asked a series of questions and taken home. June 10. My mother and Step-dad were out of town on a camping trip, they would be here in an hour or so. So many god-damned thoughts in my head. I envied how easy it was for people to love themselves, how easy it was to forgive themselves. Visuals of everything I had ever done wrong began to pervade my mind, clouding my judgement. I was not worth the trouble, I would be better off dead, that is truly what I believed. I slowly made my way to the medicine cabinet and grabbed the white bottle, filled to the brim with extra strength pain pills. I then made the short two strides to the fridge and grabbed a fresh, cool bottle of water. Made my way upstairs and closed the bathroom door. The details here become slightly fuzzy, at that moment I had given up on myself. As a tear rolled down my already dampened cheeks, I twisted open the safety cap and gazed down at the blue and red capsules. I remember dumping as many pills as I could into my hand and into my mouth. Feeling the pills go down my throat like a hundred thousand tiny stones weighing me