Runaway Train Essay examples

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Saroun Neang
Professor Ibach
English 28-0425
Oct 13, 2014

To Push or Not To Push
In the “Runaway Train” scenario, an ethical dilemma is presented to someone who has to make a decision on whether to push a stranger over in order to save five lives or watch those five lives be killed by the runaway train. Many people have different views and solutions as to what they would do in this difficult situation. An individual might express that pushing the stranger over to save five workers would be the heroic thing to do, but not realizing the consequences that comes along with the aftermath. By allowing the train to run its course without interfering is the right and appropriate decision to endure.
There are various people who would interfere and push the stranger over to save the five worker’s lives. For an example, Mauricio declared that, “I would push the big guy because it’s easier to save five lives than saving one.” In making this comment, he explains that saving five people are worth more than just saving one. In addition to another point made, Edward stated, “I would push the guy because he is fat enough to stop the train.” He confesses that by pushing him over, it will save the five lives. Last point made by Vahan is, “I would push the guy,” he expresses, “because maybe the other person is thinking the same thing.” By doing so, he believes that this will prevent the stranger from pushing him first.
There are also several people who would allow the scene to play out without