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Sale cultural environment investigations are relevant to purchase interest, belief, purchase behavior, public institutions, and relationship. The deep understand for these five aspects will be significant on adopting corresponding market strategy and future products sales (reference).

Positivism argue that the fact must be achieved by observation and feeling experience, and get to know everyone language objective environment and external things. A positivist view showed someone who has that reality is objective and independent of observer and so could be measured and predicated. Also positivist agrees that although each person has different education, the principle of verifying sensory experience is similar (Biggam, 2008). However, sale cultural environment research has to involve human influence, and this research will depend on human participation (reference). On the other hand, this research has to consider certain valuable group, because pellet market is a new fuel market, and only the person concerned can give much more correctly experience, for example, if the researcher tries to ask some questions about fuel market, the young people would be no interest in the questions you asked, and eventually they do not really understand. There would be a close link between education field and experience. So the positivism is not accommodated as the research strategy.

Interpretivism can be divided into two parts including ontology and epistemology of interpretivism. The interpretivism on ontology believes that the truth reality of the world is constructed by human subjective mind, and there are many, equally valid, interpretations of reality. The interpretivism on Epistemology believes that the cognition of complexity world is achieved through a study of groups’ experience and perspective in this world, specifically, the research needs dependent on when they are made and the context in which they are made. This interpretative is closely related to researchers, human participation and observation, and the context and time, and which are rationale of this researcher. Human interpretation can be evaluated and identified by qualitative research (Biggam, 2008). The interpretivism does not only meet human participation (the study of purchase interest, belief, purchase behavior, public institutions, and relationship), but also consider context need in market. So interpretivism research will be proper used in this research.

Quantitative analysis is generally used for gaining the overall statistical result of the specific study, and major related to analysis of numerical data. However Qualitative research is exploratory, diagnostic and predictive characteristics, but it does not pursue accurate results. Qualitative research aims at finding out the situation, knowing where the problem lies, and achieving perception (attitudes, emotions and motivations) (reference). So both of quantitative and qualitative…