Essay on Sampling methods

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My target audience for my sample will be the students at Lyng Hall, the reason being is because they buy from the canteen and would have a good understanding of what the canteen provides.
The sample me and my group have selected is ‘stratified random sampling’ for the reason that we can get a clear insight on what people of each year groups views are on the canteen and so it would allow us to sample more of the customers. In our opinion the selection of systematic sampling and simple random is a disadvantage; undoubtedly we would not get as many results as though we would get from stratified sampling. Furthermore Systematic sampling would target at people of common classification, whereas stratified would focus on a limited amount of people from each year, of different genders. Random sampling would not be specified, there would also be a lesser amount of chance of younger students to take part. Leaving a pile of questionnaires would not be as noteworthy as selecting a certain amount of people to take part in the sample. Stratified sampling would allow us to gather the information from the students and give us a range of comparisons to see whether each has difference in opinion according to their age group, gender or partiality.
The topics we consider to be the most important in our sample are:
Price of the products
Quality of the food
Variety of food

The reason why we consider these topics to be the most important is because these