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School Name:
Oakland Athletics School
School Emblem:

About My School: Oakland Athletics is a school that focuses on physical activity and sports. The students are required to take some type physically active class each semester. Without things like drama, music and art, all the funding is able to go to the sports teams and gym equipment. This provides the students with the best equipment for training and physical activity.

Mission Statement: Oakland Athletics seeks to provide each student with an education that challenges them both mentally and physically in a safe and supportive learning environment. We want to educate our students with knowledge that will be useful in post-secondary and in the workforce. The teachers and staff are committed to providing students with an active education. Our goal is to develop the skills in our students necessary to becoming hard working, independent adults who succeed and contribute to society.

Types of Students: The types of students that would be best served by Oakland Athletics School would be those interested in a physical education and students who enjoy sports and being athletic. Also students who want to receive education on how to eat well and exercise would benefit from the programs offered at my school. This is because Oakland Athletics wants to provide students with an education through athletics. Students who would want to could find programs at this school to educate them on healthy diets and exercise.

3 Unique Classes:
1. One unique class offered by Oakland Athletics is a fitness program. This course is similar to a gym class but focuses more on healthy eating and exercise. It teaches students how to manage a healthy diet while getting the right amount of physical activity. This class is directed towards students who are struggling with weight issues. The obesity rates have increased dramatically in the past few years and my school wants to help lower them again. This course can help students to also feel comfortable in their own skin by teaching students that their weight doesn’t define them. Healthy and active living is the important thing and not what’s on the scale.

2. Another class offered at my school is a training program. This class offers students the unique opportunity to train for their sport during the school year. The teachers are specially educated on the types of exercises and drills for each sport. The class is open to the juniors and seniors, the grade 9 and 10 class is mixed and the grade 11 and 12 class is mixed. This way the class is like the team that they play on during their season. This helps our school to excel in sports and physical activity. It also allows extra time for the students to practice their sport, helping them to improve and increases the likelihood of them getting scouted for post-secondary opportunities.

3. The third unique class offered by my school is an injury management class. This class teaches the students how to deal with all kinds of sports related injuries. Not only does it teach them what to do directly after receiving the injury but it also tells them how to fully recover afterwards with things such as stretching and icing the injury. This would be a good class to have because with the students all being active they are likely to receive some type of injury. Not only will this class benefit the students during the