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Syed Ali
Cause and Effect Essay: The Causes of School Violence The root causes of school violence are many and varied. However, by understanding what causes this irrational behavior, we can prevent it from happening again. In my eyes, there are a number of key factors that lead up to these incidents. These key factors are as follows: intolerance, bullying, teasing, hazing, and drug use. Violence in the learning environment is a detriment to society. School boards should take the initiative to prevent such occurrences by assigning security guards and police officers and also imposing a stricter regiment upon students. Schools should teach love and compassion for our neighbors as no one student is better than the other. This would reduce the chances of school violence tremendously because there wouldn’t be as many misunderstandings among students. The root causes of school violence need to be eradicated immediately. School is a place for individuals to learn and progress in life not a place where one breeds contempt against his neighbor. It comes as no surprise that our generation has been exposed to many kinds of violence. Adolescents are exposed to violence at an early age, either by witnessing it first hand or watching it on television. Children begin to use this form of entertainment to justify their behaviors. Vulnerable children begin to process this information and conclude that power justifies everything.
Another factor that may lead to school violence is substance abuse. When an individual is deprived of a substance (alcohol or illegal drugs), he or she may become edgy, irritable, and in some cases violent. This kind of behavior occurs because the user is physically, psychologically, and