School Violence Essay

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Across America, there are many violent crimes being committed in our schools today. Not only are these acts of violence considered heinous, they have become a hindrance to the education of our youth as it is known. More schools are reporting displays of hate crimes, bullying amongst peers, gang affiliations, and random gun violence in schools across America. Parents are becoming more afraid each day in sending their loved ones to what was once a safe haven for higher education. America needs to protect our future leaders of tomorrow and stronger recommendations need to be enforced more than ever today.
Upon approval of the President of the United States and signed into law, every school that utilizes the Metal Detector/X-ray machine initiative will be granted certain incentives, such as tax breaks which will eventually be returned back to the school as an award for continued use and considered to be part of school funding. According to a news report written by Anne McDermott, News Correspondent, CNN, December 2, 1997, “In 1994, federal lawmakers began requiring school safety programs in an attempt to crack down on violence on school grounds. Many schools introduced metal detectors to check for guns, knives, and other weapons.” The use of metal detectors in schools has been known to reduce the violence that takes place amongst our youth. Added with the metal detectors are the x-ray machines. By utilizing these machines, as the Airport Safety Administration does, violence should drastically be reduced.
Another initiative being proposed are government funded informational and educational DVD’s that parents can obtain for free which details various ways a parent can protect their child before, during, and after school. This informational and educational DVD details tips like the “Buddy System,” where a child is taught the proper way to walk with an adult or another classmate and how to be aware of their surroundings when walking to school. Also included in this DVD are ways a parent can protect their child from bullying at school and while online in public chat rooms. According to an article entitled, “Cyber bullying: What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Children,” April 3, 2012, written by Lisa Shaw, Senior Director, Child Online Safety and Protection, Spectorsoft, “Cyber bullying is a threat that needs to be addressed proactively. With access to telecommunications media made even easier these days, kids can easily torment other kids using mobile phones, social networking sites, and even interactive video games.” It’s the right of every parent to have free access to important informational and educational tips that will help not only the children but America as well in taking back our schools making them once again a safe place to obtain a higher education.
Stronger initiatives are being considered that will require every news medium to adhere to certain guidelines when reporting acts of violence in print as well as across America’s airwaves. Freedom of Speech will still be enforced, but by providing proper education and public awareness techniques, common decency and morals will eventually replace “shock value,” glamorization,” and ratings boosters within news reporting agencies. News correspondents will be asked to abide by a proposed “Decency” clause which entails details on the types of descriptive reports and video reporting being displayed to the American public.
As with courts being assigned law enforcement personnel within the chambers, so shall every school. At least one uniformed and one undercover law enforcement officer will patrol the school grounds in order to prevent any acts of violence from occurring. A publication written by the U. S. Department of Justice entitled “Assigning Police Officers to Schools,” Problem-Oriented Guides for Police, Response Guides Series, No. 10, April 2010, describes the benefits of having law enforcement personnel within the confines of school. “There is