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1050 Southern Dr.
Columbia, SC 29201

April 20, 2013

Mr. James Brown
Vice President, Telamericorp
1400 Greene St.
Columbia, SC 29201

Dear Mr. James Brown,

In just over a week, you are going to be going on a month long jaunt. On this trip, it is your job to give presentations about phone systems to three different businesses located in Uzbekistan, Iran, and Yemen. In this letter, I will go over the instructions on how I would like you to negotiate with the other countries, itinerary for the trip, and information about unusual customs and business etiquette. It is important you take good notes because a miscue could cost us a deal and leave you without a job. * Leave at 6:20 A.M from Columbia Metropolitan Airport * Arrive at Fort Worth, TX at 8:05 A.M * Leave at 10:57 A.M from Fort Worth * Arrive at Washington D.C at 2:48 P.M. This is a very prompt schedule and it should be followed very closely. You will be leaving on April 30th. April 30th will be strictly a traveling day. You will have plenty of time to rest up for your big day of flying on the 1st. * Leave at 11:50 A.M from Dulles Airport * Arrive at 1:03 P.M at JFK Airport * Leave at 2:20 P.M from JFK Airport * Arrive 7:45 A.M at Moscow, Russia * Leave at 10:40 P.M from Moscow, Russia * Arrive at 3:30 A.M at Tashkent, Uzbekistan You will arrive in Tashkent, Uzbekistan which happens to be the country’s capital. You will arrive at 3:30 A.M on Friday May 3, 2013. Since you will be exhausted from all the flights, we decided to give you the weekend in Uzbekistan to do as you please. You will have lunch Monday with the President of Phone INC. This is where you will want to shine as we are trying to strike a deal with him.

This graph shows the new businesses registered (number) in Uzbekistan. Although Uzbekistan is lower middle income category, we feel as though they have a big market that we would like to access. They have the largest population of people in central Asia. With just under 30 million people, we feel as though our product can excel. Uzbekistan promotes the export of U.S. goods, service and technology and it will be important to express that in the meeting. It is hard to promote any item in Uzbekistan considering their GNI per capita is $1,280. Remember that Uzbekistan is 88% Muslim, so be careful in what you order when at lunch. Uzbekistan really enjoys their bread and tea. It would be kind to compliment them on those two things. Also, since you will be in the capital city be sure to dress appropriately. This means no casual clothes. You will want to dress to impress so bring along your best suit. A tie will be acceptable at lunch. Toasts are really big in Uzbekistan and there are some key components that you want to cover when it’s your turn. You will want to thank the host, compliment the food and include some witty joke. I would rehearse what you are going to say before you leave on Monday, therefore you won’t choke up.

When greeting the President of Phone INC, be sure to shake his hand with your right hand and wait for him to ask about your personal life. Also, ask about his personal life as I’m sure he’ll be flattered that you asked. If you are greeting a woman, a handshake or forearm grip will be appropriate. Hopefully, all goes well in Uzbekistan and the President of Phone INC. likes what he hears. First impressions are critical when assessing one’s reputation. You are representing us and we don’t want you to make a bad impression. Be confident and maintain your composure throughout the lunch. After lunch on Monday, you will have some free time to do as you please. We have given the day off Tuesday so that you can regroup from any mishaps on Monday. On Wednesday, you will be back in the air. Be sure to arrive early as you don’t want to miss your flight to Iran because that will cause a setback in the trip. * Leave at 8:15