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Kessy felix
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English composition 2
February 26, 2013
Upon learning, that her husband did not in fact die in train wreck as she has been told Ms Mallard had a sudden heart attack. Although they did not mention for how long they have been married, the story tells us about a woman’s reaction to the news of her husband’s death. She was having a hard time leaving with him that it affects her in a negative way. No other outcome was possible for Ms Mallard. Having glimpsed the possibility of a life of her own, her husband’s survival literally caused her own death. Why? Because Ms. Mallard had loved him - sometimes, often she had not which refer to an unhappy soul. This short sentence makes me ask myself one simple question. How can you be with someone that affects your life in such a wrong way?
Her sister Josephine who was concerned of her health was giving her great care to break to her, as gently as possible the news of her husband’s death was unnecessary. Sometimes in life, you do not just see a couple and start assuming that they are the happiest couple in the world. Because you never know what may be going on in each other’s heart. For instance, when I first start reading “the story of an hour” all I could think of was how sad the whole story is going to be and how is it going to end. It refers back on how I felt when my grandmother whom I was really close to had passed away. This is the reason why I do not believe in some sympathy’s words such as; I know exactly how you feel. Furthermore, you can never feel the same if you have not being in that same particular shoes that he or she is on. Therefore, I thought I knew from the beginning of the story how Ms Mallard was going to feel after receiving the bad news. In addition, on top of the feelings, the bitter moment her health was not in a good condition.
According, to my research the husband was the cause of her wife’s death. She did not hear the story like many other woman have heard the same instead, Ms mallard was imagine how her life is going to change forever ,it was like a relief on her shoulder. "Free! Body and soul free!" she kept whispering. In addition, she breathed a quick prayer that life might be long, to her it is like waking up one morning and someone knock on your door saying you will never be poor again. From now on, you will be the richest woman in south Florida. The feelings of thinking how you were, how it used to be hard to eat and now money will never be a problem on your issues list, its exiting.
In contrast, of all the expectations Ms Mallard wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister's arms. And then went straight to her bedroom with no paralyzed inability to accept its significant. all she kept