School Display Policy For Displays

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Section 1 – Understanding the school display policy and procedures for displays.
1.1 Describe the school policy for displays.
The schools display policy describes how and why displays are used within a classroom. The school uses display for two reasons. One is to provide a stimulating environment and to act as a visual remember for learners. The other is to celebrate children’s work. Some work should be display in shared space within the school to show other children and visitor’s what the children are learning that term. This also provides and welcoming environment. The display should be about the children’s work. Having their work on display shows the children that the teacher’ are proud of them and the work they have done. All pupils should have their best work show in display at some point in the year. Display should be multi-cultural.
When putting up a display it is important to select matching colours and backgrounds for the display these should match the topic of the display. The background should not stand out and not distract from the display. All work should be mounted with a contrasting colour and spaced evenly on the display. It suggests the use of textures or the use of material. The school allow the use of a staple gun and blu tak to be used for putting up a display.
All lettering should be spelt correctly and capital letter should only be used for begin of sentence and names. They can be computer printouts or hand draw as long as it is readable. You should use label and question on the display, which should be mounted. If the work is display in a shared area it should be label with the class or year group number.
Display should be changed least once a term. All material used be recycled if possible. Work should be handed back to the pupil. All resource should be returned to shock cupboard. When removing staples you should use the correct tool and should only be done but an adult.

1.2 Describe the importance and purpose of displays in the school.
Displays are used to celebrate children’s works and to show them that we value the work and we are proud of them. This help raise children’s self-esteem. Display help build a comforting environment helping children settle and have a sense of belonging.
Displays are also used to provide a stimulating environment, which is colourful and interactive to help children learn better. There can be used to jog there memory’s when they are doing independent work. When used in shared areas they can give a welcoming feel. Their also show off what the children have learned.

1.3 Describe how displays are used in the learning process.
Displays can be used as a visual reminder of what the children are