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Week 17 journal Steve Sterling
At home tonight due to contracting a stomach Ulcer I would normally be at college but the pain is unbearable to attend my course. I feel a bit guilty as I thought this week I was to attend a conference in Birmingham, This is not the case the conference is the 14th February 2013. Went to the dreaded A+E tonight and I was seen in no rush but got given some anti biotic and strong pain killers. How this illness has impacted my life at a time when my social input to work and learning is going so well. Today I managed to get proof read my first application of a Job role I meet all the criteria, and is with the organisation I currently volunteer with.
There is so much going on in my life at this very moment I am applying for more Jobs which I have the experience in, networking my connections in order to gain employment. I have so much to write about this week, the hospital tonight was not a nice experience. I did meet a friend from school who I had not seen for years, both of us their exchanging empathy on the pain we share.
A bit awkward really was this situation at hospital sitting next to an old school friend both of us clearly in pain. It was like both us knew how to communicate in sign language and only using closed questions. Open questions just to clarify would normally keep a content of a conversation going for a while. Closed questions are used to end a sentence of a conversation. Using a open question is when I the helper am