Essay on Self Evaluation

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Abby Palermo
Mrs. Shortt
English 101
19 August 2013
Evaluating My Writing Skills When I first go about writing a paper, I tend to brainstorm about the topic specifically. I like to think about the details of my topic and come up with supporting facts or evidence for my papers. My mental state while writing is having a focused mind set. For me, it is almost impossible for me to do anything productive while writing my papers if I’m listening to music or talking to other people. I need to have little to no distractions when trying to complete my papers. I am currently pretty comfortable about writing papers on a college level, but I know there are some areas I could improve greatly on, such as creating thesis statements. In the writing process for me, I like to write out an overview of my paper starting with the introduction, then main points in the body paragraph, and summarize for my conclusion. Making bullet points before I actually start my rough draft seems like the best way for me to go because it keeps my thoughts as well as information organized. I enjoy organization and use it to my advantage. When I start papers without writing my thoughts down, my papers come out very unorganized and messy. As I’m entering a college level writing course, I feel okay about writing papers. It isn’t my strongest skill and I feel as if I have a lot of room to improve with making thesis statements and creating strong and supportive points. In high school, my teachers were not very clear about how a thesis statement was to be made and how it should sound, which has led to my confusion on how to write a correct thesis statement. Although I did try my best, I could never come up with a creative