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Steven Armstrong Lacey Public Speaking 24 March 2015 Self Evaluation In the beginning of my presentation I do believe that I established credibility right off the bat. I believe this because right away I used statistics from an organization thats primary goal is to raise awareness of domestic violence. Using those stats and tying them in with what Ray Rice did gave me credibility. I don’t think that the credibility in the body of my speech was as good as the introduction. The main reason for this is because of the video on my slide not being ready to be viewed. I think that this may have distracted the audience from what I was trying to say and focusing more on what the video would have been. I believe that I made great eye contact with the audience. Throughout the whole speech except for a couple of times I maintained constant eye contact with the audience. The reactions that I got were just students calmly looking back at me showing that they were paying attention. In my opinion I did a good job delivering my points. I think the strongest part of that was my transitions into new points. What I could have worked on would be adding more details to the points that I was making so people would have more of an understanding and I would then receive more credibility. As far as pitch and volume I believe that I spoke loud enough for everyone to hear clearly. One thing that I think I can work on is enunciating all of my words and focusing on making it