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Self-Identity Is it essential to know your self-identity? Should you know yourself better at an earlier age to prepare for the future or wait with your present self and learn to better yourself? Growing up the most commonly asked question I heard asked was “How well do you know him/her?” Whether it is asked by my Mother about my new classmate, asked by my teacher about his new boss. It poses a question most people takes offense too. A backbone goes up and you defend your new ‘friend.’ An example response would be that “He/she is really nice. You shouldn’t judge them just because…” Now take a moment. You’re thinking about a time like this, now- how well did you actually know your friend? In fact how well do we know anyone? No one is one hundred percent honest, 100 percent of the time. “I fit in just fine. I have good friends, we like the same music... and we love video games!” Now although this statement may be true, to have a close group of friends that you could only begin to understand, you must first know yourself better than you know others. The journey to know fully of one’s self in the knowledge of who they are is never ending, fully discovering again new foot holds to climb. When we begin in this world we start by adapting most of who we are, or hope to become from our families and friends. These are the people we spend the most time with. We watch them, listen to them. Their world views, religious views, we play sports with them or we watch a TV Show Series with them. Traits that stick with us for our entire lives are ones that are passed down through our genetic lines. Being strong willed is a trait most of my family members have. It’s a gene that we pride ourselves on, the ability to stand fast and strong and never budge. As part of my self-identity this is a huge bonus in my life, knowing that I will never give up the fight for what I believe in, knowing that my backbone will hold me up when others would try and push me down. In saying so, I’m also stubborn as a donkey. I almost never admit when I’m wrong and in getting into this habit now could be harmful to my future self, perhaps hurting relationships with friends or future partners. People can try to modify their identity as much as they want but that can never change, we often get angry with those who no longer fit the criteria of “me”. Perhaps my best friend never learns to clean up after himself, always leaving the work for someone else to do. As I am not a lazy person, I probably wouldn’t invite him over anymore or go over his house. We would grow apart, drift and then eventually lose touch. Because as much as I could tell him that he needs to clean , which is might, but he would always be lazy. This is why we have so many friends come and go in our lives. We are always growing, changing and our self-identity and self-knowledge are changing with us. Now, the definition of self-knowledge is given- ‘understanding of oneself or ones motives or character: your beliefs, desires or sensations.’ It took me some time to come to realization that self-knowledge is just what I know, what I hope to know. Self-knowledge is important for self-improvement as it links from A to B, the hope to better myself, knowing that just because someone doesn’t have my beliefs doesn’t make them wrong or odd. I know that there are those who believe in God, I being one of them, in this self- knowledge of my belief I could condemn others for not choosing to follow the path on which I am on. Sometimes self- knowledge will be harmful in this aspect. However it would improve myself thinking and awareness to know that being a