Setting Analysis of the Story of an Hour Essay

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Nathan Valentino

Setting Analysis Of “The story of an Hour” “The Story of an Hour” is a story about a woman, Mrs. Mallard, who comes to find that her beloved husband Brently Mallard was killed in a railroad incident. She mourns of his death in a different way than most would and tries to find a way to get over it. There is a drastic twist to the story when through the front door walks Brently Mallard who had actually not died. Then Mrs. Mallard drops to the floor dead, “of joy that kills”. (The Story of an Hour) The setting takes place inside the House of Mrs. Mallard. She hears the news of her husband’s death and goes and locks herself inside her room. “When the storm of grief had spend itself, she went away to her room alone.
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This could be looked at as the husband sees his wife as someone who makes dinner and has sex with him, and should’ve ironed his clothing, but we all know women want to be looked at as more than that. They want to be appreciated and loved by their husbands and not just a tool, or slave to them. She is feeling underappreciated because if this and it make her question her self worth.
After her husband shows his non-existent appreciation for her, she turns to her son, who is not much better. Her son goes on to tell her that she is just an average mother, but if she put her mid to it that she could improve. This has to be very discouraging because every good mother tries to be the best they can for their children, and for a child to flat out tell them that they aren’t doing their job right is disrespectful and cruel.
Pastan chooses the order of people that she gets approvals from to show that at first the husband, who may be unconcerned at times, reacted. But that’s not the worst thing to happen to a woman. When she turns to the son, he says she’s all right. Men are different in the way they express their emotions so this doesn’t completely destroy her confidence. Finally they leave the daughter for last because people would look at the daughter in this poem as being a younger girl, who would be happy to tell her mother how