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Sex addition is not a common as other addictions yet there are thousands who suffer
From it. Although it is not as common there are meetings for sex addicts that are run similar to the Meetings for alcoholics anonymous. They have the same twelve step program as A. A. and it is what they call a safe place meaning whatever is said in the meeting stays there and goes no further than that group of people in the meeting. The twelve steps are similar except where you change a few words to represent sex addition. Meetings for Sex addicts are few and far between. There are not as many meetings for sex addicts as there are for alcoholics. You have to really do your research to find meetings close to your area and they are similar groups there
A.A. They meet once or twice a week on any given day of the week. S.A.A. meetings are funded the same way A.A. is funded which is by donations given by attendees of the meetings. There are pamphlets as well as books to read to help you better understand S.A.A. is all about and there are stories of past members who have gone through the twelve steps and give inspiration and guidance on how to overcome sex additions. Sex addiction is not prejudice condition it can happen to anyone anywhere in the world. It affects people of all races and nationalities. It can affect anyone anywhere. Meetings have people from walks of life. It can affect single people, married people, and professional people, blue collar workers. It can affect both males and females. The clinical community has been treating sex addiction for more than 20 years at outpatient offices and inpatient treatment centers. The sad part is how sex addition affects the families of those suffering from sex addition. It not only affects the person but affects those around them from spouses to their children. Sex addition causes problems for those in a committed relationship. It is a big cause of
Divorce for those that are married. There are men out there that are married that are addicted to sexual content such as pornography, masturbation and what they call serial infidelity. It is said that any male that has seven orgasms a week whether with someone or alone is still considered by many experts to be a threshold for possible disorder. Everyone has a private sex life. Sex addicts have a secret sex life from looking at pornography on the internet, multiple partners, and infidelity. In some ways a sex addict is like an alcoholic or drug addict, they will do whatever they have to do to get that fix. To reach that feeling of satisfaction. They have been known to lie, cheat, steal or whatever to reach it. That lying and cheating is what causes the hardship on relationships. It is the cause of breakups and divorces. There is counseling for sex addicts that are in relationships but in order for it to work the addict has to come to the conclusion that they have a problem and want to work it out so that he or she stays in that committed relationship. Both parties have to be willing to work with each other to attend counseling so that the