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How to Overcome Long-Distance Love In the article, “Mugula Tips On How to handle Love From a Distance” gives us how Mugula and his wife Josephine kept their long distance relationship. Mugula is an inter-continental pro-kickboxing champion, and his wife Josephine is a designer. They have been together for thirteen years, and have two girls aged eleven and five. However, Mugula lived in Germany where he seeks his career while Josephine raised two children in Zzana. When Mugula was young, he lived hard life because of his parents’ death. In 2001, Eddie Gombya noticed his talent and asked him to join in the national kickboxing team. Mugula became a pro-kickboxing champion, and earned four gold medals. While Mugula made steady progress in kickboxing, Josephine was studying design and raising two children at the same time. According to Mugula, their love never had weakened when they were apart from each other. Mugula said their love got even more cemented their bond to an extent. Moreover, Josephine gives an advice, which communication is a key success in long distance relationship. Sometimes, they also suffered from rumors and gossips but they both agreed to ignore what other people talk. From this article, few psychologists and counselors give advices to people who are having long distance relationship. They emphasize the communication is the most important factor in keeping the long distance relationship, and also, they urge self-control to remain faithful to their partners. This article gives a great help to people who are having long distance relationship and feels emptiness and loneliness. Through this article, I’ve learned how to keep love while being apart from my partner, and how important communication is. I am currently in a relationship with someone who lives in Los Angeles. We are only seeing each other once in a month. As the psychologists advised in this article, I believe the communication and trust are the key factor when having long distance relationship. Few years ago, I failed once in a relationship with someone when I was in San Francisco and he was in England. At that time, it was very expensive to make international phone calls from United States to United Kingdom. Thus, we talked on the phone once in a while, so that we couldn’t catch up with each other’s daily life. Most of the time, we got into a fight thus our trust bond was broken. However, my current boyfriend and I call each other everyday and talk about things like our daily life. Also, we are having face-time everyday before we go to the bed. It is important to talk about how life is going on through our daily life because we can trust and rely on each other. In this article, I liked the part where the counselors and psychologists give advises on how to handle the long distance relationship. For example, they gives us exact examples such as keep in touch with partners daily through phone calls, using internet, exchanging photos and writing letters so that they emphasizes communication is keeping love from the distance. In addition,