Sex is dirty Essay

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Sex is dirty I disagree with the statement because sex is only dirty if you treat it that way. Sex is a natural activity that should ideally be confined to the loving stable relationship of marriage, although a lot of people have sexual intercourse outside of a marriage these days due to the fact that Virginity is not considered to be so important; cheap, reliable contraception has made casual sex much easier; education about sex and contraception is better; abortions are easier; casual sex seems to be encouraged, e.g. by the media; fewer people follow religion; and adultery is no longer illegal.

Some people may say that sex is dirty because since people have been having sex outside a marriage STD’s are increasing and young people become sexually active at a much younger age these days. They would also say that there has been a massive rise in singe parenting families and more children being born outside a marriage. 80% of the UKs annual 200,000 abortions are for single women.

Some Christians may say that Jesus and the bible teach that marriage is the only appropriate place for sex. They may also argue that sex should be monogamous, one partner for life, in marriage. They would say that Sex outside marriage, adultery and lust are wrong. They are condemned over 30 times in the New Testament. In the bible it says When sex is misused, it causes harm and ruins lives. The human body is a Temple of God and should be treated with respect because God lives in each person. They would also argue that temptation to sexual sin is common, but should be resisted and controlled. Having a sexual nature does not mean having to be driven by this nature. Christians agree that sex is wrong when it is selfish or hurts others. Sex without