Essay on Short Story

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Robbie Essington
Mrs. Richardson

Even though some of the stories were pretty long and boring, I still enjoyed them because most of them were pretty interesting and they weren’t long and exhausting like other short stories I’ve read. They were also very easy to understand. Even though some of the stories were a little longer and not as interesting they were still pretty enjoyable. My favorite short story from this unit was Roald Dahl’s “Lamb of the Slaughter.” This short story was very interesting and it was fun to read because of the suspense and irony of the characters actions. No one would think that she would have killed her husband because he wanted to leave her for another woman. She loved him and she wasn't going to let anyone be with him besides her. How couldn't you enjoy this short story? It was well written and in my opinion the best short story we have read. The only thing that I can think of that I don't like about this story is that it was really short. My least favorite short story from this unit was Anton Chekov’s “The Bet.” I really didn't like this story at all; it was really boring and pretty long. The main reason I didn't like this story is that it was unrealistic and this would never happen in real life. Why would you pay somebody to go to jail for 15 years? What do you get from that? Some people would probably say that this story was really good because of how the bet was made and how they were very surprised about how the story