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Greg had the vague sensation that he was dozing off. He wondered if any of his was really happening. He knew that it was humanly impossible for him to be transferred from his soft, warm bed to a monstrous cave in just one night. He knew that he was dreaming. He had to be. But when he opened his eyes again, Greg saw that he was really in a cave. As he turned around slowly, carefully inspecting his surroundings, he felt eyes watching him. But there was nothing there. He had to continue deeper into the chasm. Suddenly, he heard a loud moan which echoed throughout the whole cave. At the same time, he felt a tingling sensation in his pants. There it was, a giant 6 inch long spider climbing up his jeans. He had no choice but to take his bare hand and pull it off. As he raised the spider, he was disgusted to find some sort of a sticky substance being excreted. Suddenly, the spider jumped off of his hand and began to race around him in circles. What could this mean? Greg then felt as though he was being squeezed and looked down to find out in horror that the spider had used its thread to wrap him in a giant cocoon. He tried desperately to tug at the silky threads so that he could loosen them and break free. However, he found that the harder he tugged, the tighter the threads seemed to become. Abandoning his original plan, Greg then decided that he would use all his strength to kill the spider. The spider was surprising agile, and it was extremely hard to catch. Once Greg got ahold