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Short Story

Dwayne Edison- Dallas Christian

How could this be happening, I never thought we would be able to hammer the best team in the league like this. “The only way to beat Calderon High”, explained coach “Was to deny the ball from Thon Baker, he's seven foot gentlemen. Make him work for every basket, if you do that I guarantee we'll take the win.” said coach in the pre-game huddle. So that's exactly what we did all game long, and to my surprised it worked, maybe we should have listen to coach more often. I looked up at the scoreboard, and it read seventy-four to fifty-two in our favor. I made it a habit not to look at the scoreboard a lot because we were usually down, so I used to pretend there wasn't one at all.

When the fourth quarter started It felt as if we were another team, a different group of players, that never played with each other. The score was seventy-six to fifty-two at the debut of the final quarter, but it seemed that every time they had the ball they would cut into our hard-earned lead. Our lead was quickly fading, and neither me or my teammates could do anything to slow them down. An enormous amount of negative thoughts started to circulate through my head, and I started to remember our season that was filled with failure. With five forty left in the quarter, timeout was called with our team clinging on to a eight point lead, and coach looked very frustrated. The huddle was quick and to the point “ Just calm down, they haven't lead this whole game. Just play defense and you will take home an upset win.” coach said quickly. It still seemed as if nobody was listen, everyone was tired, very tired.

Le Bryant Nash- Calderon High I felt very stiff and slow thinking, Dallas Christian was running away with the game. Dallas Christian was probably the easiest first round match up we could have possibly had, they were four and twelve, and yet they were ripping us to pieces. I flashed back to my teammates before the game laughing and acting cocky, I remembered telling them “They might beat us, upsets happen.” This was no time to play the blame game, what we needed was to regroup and play as a team, if we wanted to pull this one out. I told everyone as we took the floor for the last and deciding quarter, “ Let's play hard on defense, get the ball to Thon, and don't give up.”, it was my responsibility to solve this problem as the leader of this team.

As the fourth quarter started, our team came out with renewed determination. Me and Thon started to score in bunches, the crowd started to get into it, and are team defense was back to superb defense it usually was. The momentum of the game was almost entirely on our side now, and the other team were playing out of control, as if they lost their minds. We had them where we wanted them. Their coach looked fed up as he called timeout as we drew within eight, are whole team was skipping joyfully back to the huddle, but the job was not done yet.

Dwayne Edison “I don't know if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or not, but you've gotta step up and wake up.” said our coach furiously “ Don't try to dribble through that trap, and if you turn it over get back and defend the basket!” “ 1,2,3 cougars!” cheered the team, the loudest I heard them all season.

With five-minutes and forty seconds left we hit the floor, we showed some fight in us, but it seemed anything we threw at them didn't phase them. With forty seconds left in the game they managed to tie the game up. Our shooting guard quickly got the ball, and rush to the other side and threw up a brick over three defenders. “Has he lost his mind?” I thought to myself.

The shot clock was turned off, with twenty-two seconds left in the game they could just hold for the last shot, and to top it off the guy I was guarding had the ball. Le Bryant Nash, Calderon High's premiere ball-handler, also the thirteen best recruit in the nation. He'd been torching me all the game, I don't know