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Nikita Williams
Period 1-2
Short Story
Ms. Smith

All I could hear was “Ashleeeeeeeeey” “Ashley, come on get ready for school”, it was my mom calling me. I wasn’t quite registering who was calling me at that very second until I heard my full name, “Ashley Maria Oakley”, that’s when I know my mom means business. My daily routine before getting ready for school is using the bathroom, my hygiene, my hair, eating breakfast and writing in my dairy. It is now 7:25 a.m schools starts at 8:35 so by the time I get done my daily ritual it is 8:20. As I come downstairs I could already tell it was going to be drama and arguments.
“Ashley Maria Oakley, what in the heck do you have on?” Dad asked.
“Dad this is the latest trend going around for teens and plus it’s Friday, everybody is going out to the drive in.”
And of course mom had to agree, “Ash, your dad is right at least put on something more decent”
“But mom you never have my back you are always defending DAD!”
“But mom”
“No buts Ashley your father has spoken go change so I can take you to school now that you are late”, says mom.
“Yes Ma’am”
As I walk up the stairs I hear my parents speaking to one another with dad saying, “The child will never learn” and mom saying, “We use to be like that to show her some slack, Paul.”
My best friend Maria has been looking out for me since I was in the 6th grade and was new to that school. The only reason we really became friends is because our first and middle name is switched. Some people think it is weird with her calling me “Maria” and I’m calling her “Ashley”, I guess it be confusing to others but we think it’s funny when each other parents call our names and the other one will answer. Maria has never missed a day of school, I looked everywhere for her and I couldn’t find her nowhere. To myself I’m thinking that’s odd but as the day goes on I notices a lot of people are not in school and I didn’t find out why until history class.
Where I’m from is a small town called Galveston in Texas, it is like an island. Galveston is near the oceans and the hurricanes are way worst for those near the waters. It is always best to evacuate to somewhere safer and take precautions with your house. Some may say what do you mean by taking precautions, of course you can’t take your house with you but you can at least board it up to try and protect water damage and things of that nature.
School is over at 2:15, it is now 1:25 and I am in the class that I hate so much, history. Mr. Catt can be such a jerk to me simply because I almost always fall asleep in class. For some reason something told me to stay awake and pay close attention. “Class I have some very disturbing news, you may now all realized that majority of the school is not here and that is because of the hurricane that is coming our way. And the best thing for you guys to do is to worn your parents of everything. AFTER ALL THE NECESSARRY THINGS ARE DONE BEING TAKEN CARE OF, LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AND GO SOMEWHERE SAFE” Mr. Catt had everyone attention.
The bell rung right on time as I am coming down the hallways I felt as though everyone was walking extra slow and may way to reward them was by pushing them or just running them over. I arrive home with my parents packing and boarding everything up. With me never being in this situation before is wondering why we have to board things up so I ask, “Mom why do we have to board up stuff?” I had to ask this question three times before somebody finally answered me. “Well my darling, in case the hurricane ends up coming toward the house our stuff will be safe and water won’t come through the house” says mom and dad at the same time. It is now 9:00 pm and nobody has not heard of any signs of this “hurricane” yet. We drove to Houston to be