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The Last Exit

It was a normal day, I was on my way back home from school when I catch a glimpse of two men pointing and running at my direction, I look around myself but there is no one. I guess it was an instinct to run and so I did. Gasping for air I tried to run as fast as I could but they just ran faster and before I knew it, I was in the back of their van blindfolded with my mouth taped shut and my ankles and hands taped so tight that I could feel the blood running through my veins. Soon, the car comes to a complete stop and the driver gets out, rips the tape off my mouth and pulls the blindfold off my face throwing it to the floor of the car.
“Well hello there Emily” he said calmly. “How do you know my name? What do you want from me?!” I said in a firm tone.
“You’re going to make a phone call for me” he said. “A phone call? Who am I calling? Why can’t you make your own phone call?” “You are going to call your father and tell him that we need a minimum of five million dollars to return you safely”.
“FIVE MILLION DOLLARS?” I said in surprise “where is my father supposed to get it from?” “Oh he knows!”
Oh he knows? What does he mean by that? It sounded like he knew my father but he didn’t look familiar at all, I thought.
He looked like a spy. He had black hair, blue eyes and light skin—I think I heard the other guy call him Daniel. The person standing next to him had pale skin and orange hair and both of them were very tall. The one with orange hair didn’t talk much, he seemed nervous, it seems like the one with the black hair— Daniel, is the one in charge.
I don’t get why he chose me, why my father? We are an ordinary family living in California in a normal house, nothing fancy.
My mom works as a teacher and my dad works as a business man.
A few minutes pass then Daniel gives me his phone with the numbers dialing.
“Hello?” said my father
“Daddy” I said biting my lip hoping I won’t burst into tears.
“Emily? Where are you? You should be home by now! What’s wrong?”
“They kidnapped me and they want me to tell you that they need five million dollars to let me go” I said sobbing
“What?! Who are they? Let me talk to them ”
I opened my mouth to answer tried but the quiet man grabbed the phone from me and shoved it in his pocket. He placed the tape back on my mouth, his hands felt shaky. He quickly closed the door without even looking at me. He forgot to put the blindfold back on.

Their car was filthy, there was garbage everywhere. The car stops, again, I peek through the window trying to stretch my neck as far as I can. We’re parked in front of a shop that looks like a small convenience store surrounded by nothing but trees. Daniel glances over at the quiet one and says “We’ll be back, don’t do anything stupid.”
I nodded my head, and then they left. I felt hopeless, then I caught a glimpse of something shining in the light, it’s a Pepsi can. Then suddenly I had a wild idea. I placed the can under my foot and crushed it, I ran my finger around the edge and blood ran down my hand; it cut me. Perfect. I used it to cut the tape on my legs.As soon as my legs were free, I did the same to the tape on hands and ripped the tape off my mouth. I felt the adrenalin rushing through my veins, this is my chance. I opened the door and sprinted fast as I could towards the woods. Then as I was running my eyes met his. The one with orange hair saw me leave the car, his mouth was opened and he was nudging Daniel. They rushed out of the store, and started chasing me. I couldn’t run anymore but I knew I had to push myself. I kept running and running hoping