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The Unknown

Stars in the sky so bright, and beautiful how far you are shining blue star with clouds,water,and land. I hope we reach you in time to save our own planet full of love ones and everyone else. What mysterious secrets you have waiting for us great blue shining star. Light years away getting ready to head out to reach the great unknown planet that will take me and my crew a week to get there and build our space jump bridge to transport humans. Scientist took years to find this mysterious planet that is sustainable to with hold our living condition. As earth is starting to die with out any hope of it self healing people starting to become weak as my duty as caption alex my duty is to lead the people of this world to a new beginning. I walk round the space ship thinking to my self if I can make it in time before everone is dead. My wife lindsey finds me wondering to my self “ alex I love you if you get there or not I will always love you”. Staring at her eyes knowing just in a few moments of taking of from this planet to space as scientist to question them selfs why our planet is dying as its life on it oxygen starts to become poison we are the peoples only hope. People glance at the ship with hope that these men and women on bored will be there savers. With the most advanced technology and the ability to build a jump bridge to earth to this new planet. My crew as jack on communication getting the count down ready, my engineer Cynthia checking the engines for any errors. Count down start my heart beat increases, my hands shake of being scared. There was me and my crew becoming like family and work as one, it was like if is was in a movie the count down 3,2,1 for a split second im surrounded by people looking at me and my wife as I say I do, one of the best days of my life a unforgeable moment. That night laying down with lindsey we talked about our future together having kids moving some where far away to the open lands of texas we both agree. She said that night “no matter what I will be there next to your side with my support”. The Blast wakes me up instantly the command center “blast off, good luck team all our hope are on you guys have a good trip”. The space ships rips threw the sky out to outer spaces seeing all those stars took our breathers away the moment of silence I made me first command to my crew “Full speed ahead man this is going to be one heck of a ride. Days have gone by we passed thousands of galaxy's one of our second in command has become crazy. The doctor “ we call it space loco” people go insane anywhere but being stuck in one ship with worrying about billions of people back some would brake a man. Emergency alarms go off everyone starts to panic, running pass my crew back to headquarters everything stop the one thing we never though it was true but just a movie creation. Theres life this new planet we didn't find with flying UFOS living things we dont understand, everything goes black we cant see but pitch black and the glow from the planet “are we getting hacked or over controlled crew someone answer!!” one of the crew member screams “captain” “captain” “there coming on board they are controlling our control system” wasting time looking at this planet im not gonna waste anymore time with these freaks of creation ether they get of or we kill them all. Walking to the boarding dock my one of my weapons commanders hands me a plasma gun “men open the door” unhuman sounds start to scream a flare lights up the dock for the first time in human history a human and unknown life meet. “our planet needs help” the alien throws me and 4 our my other crew against the walls like rag dolls. This means war “men fire!! dont let them get of this ship alive” doors lock alarms go off the powers come back the rock engines gets back to full speed. The metal doors cant handle the unknown aliens they broke open our men fire bullets flying everywhere but there was more then one. Blood every where people