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As Adeline Arminger became bored with her fathers dinners conversation with his colleges about business and politics at their table, Adeline and rather offended that somebody was yet to complement her on her beautiful hand woven gown with golden thread, that only her fathers wealth could buy. Adeline gazed outside in the direction of the gardens but concentrated at nothing as her mind drifted into a deep abyss of her rather conceited thoughts, slightly losing conscious of her surroundings, voices fading into the background becoming white noise. Adeline could feel the moist soil still damp from the mornings dew underneath her bare feet and the sickly sweet inciting smell of the blooming flowers that each looked like heavenly perfection. she moved with a practised grace exploring the gardens, each flowers appearance and smell more exotic then the last. Alivina looked up surprised to come to the realisation that she had come the the centre of the alien unaturalised perfect garden, but what held and captured her attention wasn’t that but the beautiful golden flower that was situated by itself right in the middle, but that wasn’t even the strangest thing about the flower either, no, what it was, was that it seemed to be was that everything surrounding it…was dead, shrivelled up as if poisoned. Charred. though the flower looked as if it was pulsing, alive, it glowed a faint golden yellow, curiosity took over control of Adeline’s body, making her walk closer towards the flower as she felt a sense of foreboding, but her curiosity was stronger, as she became closer and closer, deep inside her subconsciousness told her to flee warning her of hidden dangerous, but as if in a trance she continued ever so slowing towards it, it was as it was talking to her ‘come touch…but you will pay a price’ Adeline was now standing close enough to touch, Adeline could now see that is was in fact made like a machine, copper and bronze. Adeline stood on the dead ground, she was starting to feel fatigued as if flower was sucking the energy out of her. with a Hungary need she steadily inched her hand towards the flower, time seemed to slow as she did, she could hear heart beat fastening anticipating something that she didn’t even know her heart beat becoming even faster and faster. when her hand suddenly did touch the machine - flower. there was a pause. a silence before the storm. There was an ear shattering piercing screech, an alarm. Adeline flailing fell to the ground holding her hands over her ears screaming in agony. Adeline looked back up towards the flower and to her astonishment saw a green gas filtering out and coming down towards her, panicked Adeline looked down to see the charred ground starting to bubble. suddenly all she could see was the gas surrounding her, drowning her, making her body shutter in an unorthodox pain, but Adeline’s body started the burn. the gas was acidic, in complete agony she screamed with the little air she left but the only sound she could make was one of a wheezing hiss. Adeline felt her body and giving up on her, her limbs giving out, losing control completely. blood ran down her arms oozing out from her ears, even though her pain, Adeline still had enough ability to slightly hear the sound a machine engineered mechanics copper scratching against each other. In last hope Adeline tried to look up to the sky but became distracted. there in front of her was the most disgusting thing she has ever seen that she had to stomach, it looked human but not, its features all distorted and melted into each other in ways that just weren’t humanly possible. an complete abomination, an evil monstrosity. flinching back from the creature in revolution…It mirrored Adeline’s exact moves .Adeline still in agony in desperation tried looking around to escape the creature. wherever she looked the creature was. the gas started the clear. Comprehension settled…