Essay about Short Story and Mrs. Mallard

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Khubaib Ameer
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November 4, 2013

Two Character Analysis of “The Story of an Hour” & “The Necklace”
“The Story of an Hour” was written by Kate Chopin has four characters. The character which I compare is Louise Mallard who is the protagonist in the story. She is a heart patient. She is feeling happy from inside when listen about her husband death and thinking about future freedom. “The Necklace” was written by Guy de Maupassant is a short story about loss of necklace which has three characters. The character which I explain is Mathilde Loisel who was “born in a family of clerk”. (46) She is an attractive and beautiful girl but she has think about wealth and famousness. She regrets having “no dress, no jewels, nothing”. (47) There are a lot of similarities and differences in these two characters which clearly explains that they are not satisfied with their life.
The similar thing in these two characters are that both women being unhappy with their marriages. They both struggle with their inner conflicts. They both have dreams of living a different life. Mrs. Mallard is an independent woman who is secretly happy on her husband death from inside of his heart. She has no chance to get her freedom during her husband death. The character of Mrs. Mallard gives us an image of her feelings and thoughts as a property of her husband, that why her heart whisper; “free, free, free” (7). This is the climax stage of this story because she is thinking about future life and all other things. On other hand Mrs. Loisel is a “pretty and charming girl” (46) who always think about wealth and how she becomes famous. She has a loving and caring husband but her behavior shows that she is not happy because she wants to marry with a rich man. Both women have comfortable life and loveable husbands but they are not happy with them.
They both are self-centered. They just think about their self. They never appreciate their loving and caring husbands. The things which differentiate these two characters are that