Essay on Short story for Animal Farm

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POV- " Animal Farm " Point of view : Boxer

No , that's not how the Battle of the cowshed went at all. I was there i saw the action , the feelings, and the emotions that were shown on the farm. I remember it like it was yesterday on October evening . The pigeons flew in with the terror on their faces , i couldnt tell what they were saying since they were all talking at once. But i made out the words from their mouths saying Jones was coming to fight back. Luckily, Snowball has already prepared everyone in the farm if this ever happen therefore everyone took their places and waited to be ordered. Jones and his men arrived and Snowball called out an order and the geese and pigeons flew to the men. Pigeons flew over their heads and pooped all over them while the geese pecked their calves but they were no match for the men. Their aching pain of the pecking and the poop on their shoulders only made the men more furious and fight back which made the geese and birds fled from them. Snowball had send another second line of attack this time it was Benjamin,Muriel, Sheeps, and Snowball himself.They charged to the men furiously but again they were no match , the men were too strong snowball even squealed. Somehow snowball lead Jones and the men into the farm the cows sneaked up from behind and snowball gave the signal and they all charged. The men fired their guns in panic trying to shoot any animal they could a sheep was killed and snowball was wounded. Nervously , i kicked my hind legs trying to get