Should Gun Manufactures Be Held Responsible In Deaths That Are Caused By Their Products

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Should gun manufactures be held responsible in deaths that are caused by their products?
Gun manufactures should certainly not be held responsible for any crimes committed using their product for many reasons. These manufactures do not encourage, nor help commit these crimes that individuals decide to commit. For someone to say that gun manufactures should be held responsible for the deaths committed by their product is non-sense. People make their own decisions and no one is forced to make them. Knowingly that committing a crime is against the law and is the wrongful thing to do, some individuals hold a anger or revengeful state of mind.
The gun manufactures do not promote that guns are for harming/killing, nor to break laws. These manufactures sell these products legally and ensure that before the product is bought, the individual must be legally able to carry or purchase the product. The law to bear arms is only to defend yourself and a gun is highly incapable of killing by itself. Even if the individual had no gun they would use any other weapons such as a knife, an object, or even their bare hands.
Guns serve the purpose for safety and self defense. For example, in the case that someone invades your home. If the perpetrator has a gun him/her-self and intend to use it you may shoot. In order to shoot you must have to be put under danger or have probable cause that the individual may/will use it against you first. To shoot the individual the person in the case of self defense you legally have to shoot the person from the front and not to their back. If it were to happen in the opposite way you would be the one to break the law and would be considered to shoot someone without any causes of self defense.
Gun manufactures make sure all requirements are made in order to maintain a gun. Under the law, it requires that a person must get a background check and obtain a license or permit in