Johnny Tremain

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Book Report: Johnny Tremain
The main character in my book is Johnny Tremain. Johnny is a fourteen year old boy who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. When you first meet Johnny he is mean, self-centered, and also ambitious.
These characteristics changed throughout the story because Johnny becomes a leader and becomes nicer to the people he meets. Also, later in the story Johnny starts to care about more people than himself, like when he meets his friends, Cilla and Rab.
Johnny hurting his hand caused some of the changes to his ambitious characteristic. This caused change because Johnny couldn’t do some of the same things he usually did with his hand. He gave up on his silversmith job because he didn’t feel he could do it with his hand injured. Another thing that caused changes in Johnny characteristics was growing up with the Lapham family. They caused some of the changes in Johnny being so mean to others and him being so self-centered. Mr. Lapham didn’t like Johnny but he was forced to live with them and he made Johnny to do some things he wasn’t use to doing. Living with him and having to do chores taught him to be less mean and think about others.
The large conflict in the story was when the American Revolutionary war began. The two parties fighting against each other were the British and the Minutemen. (The Minutemen were the Colonists). This is the large conflict because, Boston was the main colony where the fighting broke out. His friend, Rab got him to join the secret group for the Colonist so they could spy on the British.
A smaller conflict in the story was with his family that was raising him after his parents died. They made him do things he didn’t like and he did not like the way he was treated. Another small conflict was when Johnny burnt his hand. Johnny burnt his hand when he was doing a silversmith job for John Hancock on the Sabbath day. Dove, a coworker, maliciously handed him a cracked crucible and that’s when it broke and poured silver on his hands. Johnny burnt his hand by dropping molten silver and burnt his fingers together. Another small conflict in the story was when Rab bought a musket from the Lieutenant of the British and was caught but the officers let him go. The main character, Johnny Tremain plays both the large and small conflicts because he was part of the family conflicts growing up. He was also limited to do things with his hand burnt and he was also there when the Revolutionary war was in Boston and when he took part in the Boston Tea Party.
The outcome of the small conflict is Johnny braved up and showed Doctor Warren his bad hand. Doctor Warren had to do a minor surgery on Johnny’s hand to fix it but the Doctor was unsure if he could go back to being a silversmith. The result of the conflict with his family was that he ended up getting along and liking the Laphams. The last small conflict’s outcome was when they let Rab go because he was too young to go to jail so he went to war. He later died during the war. The outcome of the large conflict is that Johnny helped the Colonists win the war because he spied on the British Army to help them become free from the British.
The large conflict affected the main character, Johnny Tremain, positively because Johnny got to make friends when he was working in the Sons of Liberty, and while he rode to neighboring colonies to deliver papers for the Boston Observer. He also was a big part in helping the Colonist win the war. The large conflict affects the main character negatively because when the war broke out