Siren Song

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Ashley Rodriguez- Peralta Ms. Martin English III February 27, 2024 Siren Song Is life a paradox? In the “Siren Song” by Margaret Atwood, the Sirens are three mythical creatures that are half-woman and half-bird from Greek mythology who lure sailors to destruction by the sweetness of their song. The Sirens represent the theme of Manipulation and Deception in this poem because they deceive the sailors into believing they are the only ones who can save them. The siren manipulates them into falling into their trap: death. The poem uses literary devices like paradox, irony, and imagery and tones such as mocking, captivating, and powerful to show how the Siren represents the theme of Manipulation and Deception. To emphasize the impeccable beauty …show more content…
The intricacy of it demonstrates the impact of both tact and deceit. It brings the reader to a different position to look at the issue of virtue and evil. Altering her physical features so that she is like us women and making her vulnerable, Atwood exposes the difficulty of choosing what is essential and what is just alluring beauty. Atwood uses irony and sarcasm in the closing verse to highlight tricking and outwitting. Siren states that her song is "a cry for help" and "boring," while the siren's appeal can be devastating for the people listening to it. The author Atwood emphasizes the sirens' duplicity by having them hide their real target under a surface appearance of sympathy and care through the voice of the siren. The duality of the siren's song simultaneously calculates readers about being misled by wrong assumptions. The siren's admission of the song's shallowness reveals the dangers of seeing external beauty and her deception. Or she highlights the complexities of dishonesty and cheating using irony and paradox. The poem shows that true intentions can be uncovered when the siren reveals the simplicity of the song as a trick to maximize