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➢ Social

➢ Family orientation

➢ Patriotism

➢ Religious

➢ Sense of humor and go gossip

➢ Hospitable

➢ Less activity more leisure seeking namely comfort finder

Cultural Change

Cultural change may come about slowly in an evolutionary manner, or a couture may change rapidly.

➢ Changing cultural values in Bangladesh: ▪ Movements toward urbanization. ▪ the rise of a new managerial class ▪ movement from villages to town in search for a more secured employment ▪ Traditional sources of prestige, such as landholding, distinguished lineage, and religious piety were beginning to be replaced by modern education, higher income, and steadier work. ▪ Change in family structure: Consanguine to nuclear to individual ▪ Kinship ties are becoming limited and fragile ▪ Pattern of marriage is changing and the age at marriage is rising

➢ Changing cultural values in Bangladesh: ▪ Rigorous adherence to Purdah is abolishing stealthily in rural but boldly in urban areas. ▪ Women’s role is changing in the family ▪ A sense of equal opportunity is mushrooming in every aspects of life. ▪ Literacy among female members of the family is increasing ▪ A change in decision making style in the family ▪ Still adherence to spiritual philosophies but growing confidence on science and technology ▪ Job switching tendency and rise of the multitasking phenomenon. ▪ Love and respect for globalization over localization ▪ Economic solvency is getting priority over all other matters in life ▪ More inclination to leisure life ▪ Pop/MTV culture is replacing the Rabindrik culture ▪ Patriotism is exacerbating ▪ emergence of English as a professional tool ▪