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Selection Criteria Sales and Business Administration Officer
Tahlia Bell
I have gained a strong understanding of marketing theory and practices through my role in marketing and event management as an event coordinator at Tailored Statements. In this time I developed a high level of experience in website and social networking marketing. Furthermore, I tailored my degree at James Cook University to develop my skills in new media production, including the research, writing, production, editing and uploading of convergent media.
My time at Tailored Statements also allowed me to develop my skills in sales, coordination and implementation of Conference, Functions and Events. During the time I spent at Tailored Statements I coordinated the Communities for Children 2011 Children’s Festival funded by the Department of Families, Housing, Communities Services and Indigenous Affairs. I developed every stage of the event, including the successful selling of Festival space, coordination of all logistics and marketing and implementation of the event.
The coordination of the Children’s Festival gave me the opportunity to exercise my skills in sales based on a maintained working sales database. Furthermore, the time I spent at VRM Pty Ltd and Prime Carbon Pty Ltd was based on the development and knowledge of client databases. As the personal assistant to the director and Public Relations officer I was required to have an extensive knowledge base of all internal and external clientele in order to fully understand their requirements.
I have a basic knowledge of the local distribution chain and tourism networks in the North Queensland Region. This stems from my independent research while at university.
I have had many opportunities to develop my written and verbal communication skills throughout university and my experience in the workplace. Over my time in the workplace, both at Subway and Tailored Statements I have had the opportunity to practice my verbal and written communication skills. I have the strong ability to write a diverse range of documents and the ability to use all software available in Microsoft Office. I am completely comfortable on the phone, Skype and using new media to communicate. Furthermore, I have experience in developing and the implementation of Critical Paths and ‘to do’ lists in order to reach a deadline. My organisational skills gave me the availability to coordinate the 2011 Children’s Festival, complete my final semester of full time university and still fulfil my duties at Subway.
I have demonstrated my ability to establish working relationships and rapport with co-workers and clients in the time I spent at VRM Pty Ltd. In my role as Personal Assistant it was my duty to build mutually beneficial relationships between the company and clientele. This included the establishment of the relationships with politicians, media, retail customers and farmers. I conducted this establishment using appropriate levels and systems of communication. E.g. Communicating with the Politicians assistants in