Essay on Social Media Is a Great Idea

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Social Media is a great idea? Why you may ask. Well, there are endless possibilities one can achieve with social media. For example, you can start a business or do other business related activities through sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Through social media you can also get famous, get a full time job, or connect with friends new and old alike. To start off social media is great for business reasons. Through social media sites you can start websites off famous websites like, a website designed to help you make websites. Also you can purchase advertisements to put on YouTube videos. This way anyone who watches videos on YouTube has a good possibility of noticing your ads. Some celebrities offer celebrity endorsements through sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a great way to get your business or company noticed. That is why social media is good for your business or company.
Another reason why social media is a good idea is because you can get famous through social media. You can also get a full time job. Sites like YouTube have created many stars. You probably know some of them. Justin Bieber is just one of the examples. Bieber was discovered by a music agent when he was only twelve years old. Today he is eighteen years old and his net worth is 110 million dollars. PSY the man who created the ever so popular “Gangnam Style” has received over 9 million dollars from the song according to Even though the odds of a video becoming that viral are one in a billion, you can still make some decent money. For example, if you are a gamer and you post YouTube videos and you have a decent subscriber and view revenue you can get partnered with YouTube or other channels like Machinima or TGN. The average money you get paid when you are partnered is half a cent a view. This may seem like a little but as you post more and more your videos get more and more views. That means more money. Many people consider “youtubing” as a full time job, and a great way to earn money. The truth is that social media has created thousands of jobs and a brand new industry. Face