Social Networking Essay

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Is social networking beneficial for our society? Some people don’t believe in social networking maybe because they don’t understand it or they just frankly don’t care to use it either way social networking isn’t always for everyone. Social networking is the main way of communication in today society, we use it to contact other people and to look people up on social media websites and use and quicker more efficient website to look up phone numbers, addresses, and information about them or their business. Social networking is beneficial to our society because we use it in our everyday lives in order to communicate with each other in a faster more efficient way than ever before.

People believe that in the near future if society keeps progressing towards using social networking more and more we will become more aware of the news and be able to know information such as job postings even. People also believe that we are fare from perfecting the ways of the social networking sights, such as refining the privacy settings and safety issues. Also social scientists believe that the outcome benefits out way the risks. Social networking is never predictable or absolute positive or negative effects. Most people say that social networking is a huge beneficiary towards society. (Document A)

The beauty of the human nature is that we can host our own opinion. Some people prefer new high tech gadgets with apps and games and social media capable mobile web and others prefer the old fashion way of actually reading the newspaper and of watching the news / weather on television. Yea social media keeps us connected with the rest of the world even if were hundreds of miles away but a newspaper has no batteries and or “software updates”. You can take the paper on planes and read every single word without any problems with the plane and you can guarantee it will always be there and you can go to a new section with ease unlike the electronics were you have to turn them off and ore out them away. On the other hand you can get information with ease and little to no time at all with a