Social Networking Essay

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Social Networking The advancements of technology have made people rely on having a conversation through the Internet rather than face to face. However, Facebook is a huge part of people’s lives; the way they communicate with others also people can’t resist looking at once a day. What impact does Facebook have on today’s technologically sophisticated society? Facebook was “founded by Mark Zuckerburg of Harvard University in February 2004.” It allows for people who have never met to communicate, make new friends, and places distance for those who do not have friends or family members nearby. Anyone can know anything about someone by their Facebook page. Americans now days are addicted to this social network.
Facebook has become a substitution of face to face communication. For example, there are three different ways to communicate through this network. First Facebook has a chat box where you can communicate with more than just one person. Another way is using a private message that only you and the other person can see. Facebook also has the option to write on someone’s profile where everyone can see. However, Facebook also provides entertainment for their users. Facebook offers several different games and applications. “The things that this website provide continue to grow and in turn it continues to keep people intrigued and keeps them returning.” Having this kind of social networking and entertainment distracts college students from their studies which