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Communication 101
Topic : this house believe that social networking is making us antisocial.  disagree.
1. Communication happened in any second of the moment. There are variety way to deliver the message such as Internet, web chat, Text, Phone, Email…etc.
2. Why people think social networking makes them anti-social? Because people did not see the value/power in the internet that can quickly make same interest people gather together.
3. Social networking not only help people be more socialize, it also helps to build the confidence from talking with people who they never met before.
1. Research on the “social networking: communication revolution or evolution?” Networked computer allow social networks to expand and grow in ways that were previously unanticipated.
2. On the “” about 79% of people believe that social networking makes people antisocial; however, there are 21% people believe that it helps them to be more socialize and willing to talk with people.
3. Social networking as important as social, the difference are the “channel”, first one, using computer or internet to communicate with people. Second one, communicate people face to face or in a social event.
4. Social Networking is a revolution of people communicate with others. Why is it a revolution?? According to the research of “social networking: communication revolution or evolution” it help people find community and identity not easily available by other