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Conversation Styles: Men and Women

There’s no debating whether or not men and women differ immensely as it pertains to conversation styles, body language, and communication aspects. The general stereotype is that women love to talk and men are forced to listen; it’s a trait that some men even find undesirable and even irritating. While researching and witnessing multiple conversations for myself, I was able to put these generalizations to the test. The setting of the examined conversation was at Miller’s Ale House in Jacksonville, Florida on a Friday night around 10pm. Ale House is a glorified sports bar that seems to be the place to go for drinking and watching sporting events, so I thought it’d be the perfect place to witness a conversation. It wasn’t incredibly crowded or busy, but I wouldn’t say the restaurant was “dead.” I started to listen in on a conversation between a man and a woman at the bar who seemed to be on a date of some sort. They didn’t seem to be married or dating exclusively, but it was obvious that this was one of their first dates by the topics they chose to discuss and questions they asked each other. They took interest in each other, which was apparent from the way their body language was perceived. One of the first aspects of the conversation that I took notice of was the fact that the women talked significantly more than the man. This didn’t seem to bother him, as I could tell he was either genuinely intrigued by what she was saying or he was just a fantastic fake listener. Either way, he was letting her ramble on while he kept eye contact throughout most of the night. I